Titanium is known for its strength and lightweight as well as excellent corrosion resistance to chlorides, sea water, and chlorine. Therefore, titanium lock nuts are an excellent choice for a large variety of applications.

Titanium’s high strength to weight ratio makes titanium lock nuts ideal for applications that require lightness of weight and excellent strength.

These lock nuts are also fully resistant to solutions of chlorides, hypochlorites, chlorates, perchlorates and chlorine dioxide. They are often used in chlorine related industries like pulp and paper and chlor-alkali/bleach.

They also work well in seawater applications as Titanium lock nuts prevent seawater corrosion up to 500°F and survive at ocean depths over a mile below the surface.

Applications:titanium locknut

  • Paper
  • Chemical
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Oil
  • Marine
  • Food processing
  • Oil and gas
  • Military
  • Sporting goods
  • Desalination

Learn more about the different titanium grades we offer including Titanium Grade 2 lock nuts, Titanium Grade 5 lock nuts, and Titanium Grade 7 lock nuts.

We offer lock nuts in a variety of styles:

  • Grade C all-metal cone
  • Grade A reversible
  • Flexloc nut
  • Nylon insert

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