Stainless Steel Roll PinsSlotted spring pins are headless cylinder shaped tube with a slot that runs down the middle of the pin. Slotted spring pins are also known as tension, roll, and expansion pins. They are to be installed in holes slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the pin. While being inserted, they compress against the wall of the hole.

Also in the spring pin family is coiled spring pins. They come in light, standard, and heavy duty. They operate in the same manner of slotted spring pins. Instead of having a slot in the middle of the pin, coiled spring pins are rolled to two and a quarter compression.

KD Fasteners, Inc.® carries a wide assortment of spring pins. The materials include stainless steel (that includes 302 and 420 stainless steel), and alloy steel (plain and zinc). We offer them in inch and metric sizes. For slotted spring pins, we carry them per ISO 8752. We carry them both import and domestic.

For coiled spring pins, we also carry them in inch and metric. Our metric comes in ISO 8748 heavy duty, ISO 8750 standard duty, and ISO 8751 light duty. Our coiled spring lines also include import and domestic pins.