u bolt manufacturerU-bolts are bolts that are shaped in the letter U. They can come either round (curved at the bottom) or square bent (where there is a flat part at the bottom with two legs on both ends.) They are usually threaded on each end of the shaft and can come with plates, washers, and nuts. U-bolts are typically used in building and construction applications

Round Bend U-bolts

Our round bend off-the-shelf U-bolts start at a ¼” diameter and go up to 1”-8 thread size. We carry them in a variety of lengths and pipe sizes. We have them stock in steel zinc, hot dipped galvanized, aluminum, and 300 series stainless steel. We also can supply the U-bolt plates and corresponding nuts if needed. Our line also includes long tangent U-bolts, which are the same as round bend U-bolts, but with longer legs and more threading.

Square bend U-bolts

Our square bend off-the-shelf U-bolts come in 3/8” diameter. We supply them nuts and washers. Our materials and plating include steel zinc, 304 stainless steel, and hot dipped galvanized.


We also have the capability to supply made-to-order U-bolts in both round and square bend. We start at 4-40 and can up to 2” diameter. We can make it per your thread pitch, thread length, inside diameter, and overall length. Our special U-bolts can be made out of -steel (grade 2, 5, and 8), stainless steel (18-8 and 316 stainless), and brass. We can also supply metric threading. All of our U-bolts are made in the USA.