Spring Washers ManufacturerKD Fasteners, Inc.® carries a wide assortment of spring washers. Spring washers are any type of washer that can be slightly compressed to help hold a screw or bolt in place. Our materials include stainless steel (300 series, 316, and 410), steel (also includes through harden), aluminum, brass, silicon bronze, titanium, and many more. We carry both inch and metric sizes in spring washers.

We carry the following styles of spring washers:

  • Wave
  • Internal
  • External
  • Internal/External
  • Countersunk internal
  • Countersunk external
  • Belleville
  • Conical
  • Split lock washer (also includes heavy pattern and high collar as well)
  • Tooth lock washer

We carry them in a wide range of sizes. We can also plate them per your exact needs. KD Fasteners, Inc.® also has the ability to make your spring washer per your exact print.