aluminum coupling nutsCoupling nuts are hex shaped nuts that are usually used to join to external threaded fasteners together. They are typically used with threaded or studs. KD Fasteners, Inc.® offers coupling nuts in many different sizes and materials. We can supply both import and domestically made coupling nuts.

Our Materials Include:

Our coupling nut stock also includes oversized threads for when they need to be threaded on a galvanized fastener. Our coupling nuts start at 10-32 and can be made all the way up to 5”-4 thread pitch. We also have the capability to supply coupling nuts starting at 1” in length and go all the way up to 14”. 

Besides standard coupling nuts, we also offer sleeve nuts and coupling nuts with a sight hole so you can ensure that the nut is properly installed. From off the shelf standard sizes to special lengths, we can supply the custom or standard coupling nut that you need.