Metric Bolts Supplier

KD Fasteners offers a variety of bolts that include: hex cap bolts, u bolts, anchor bolts, and many more for any project you may have. We have the ability to plate in materials that include standard zinc, A2 stainless steel plated steel, and other options. We offer standard steel bolts, but also can supply a range of materials, including exotic materials.

With many different styles, metric bolts are used in a variety of industries like aerospace, military, marine, oil & gas, construction, and automotive. Metric bolts allow for the flexibility of worldwide shipping that meets the measurement standards across the globe.

The chart below provides information regarding metric bolts sizes and dimensions.

Metric Bolts Din ISO JIS ANSI
Socket Shoulder Bolts   7379   B 18.3.3 M
Flange Bolts 6921   JIS B 1189 B18.2.3.4M
Carriage Bolts 603 8677/8678   B
Lifting Eye Bolts 580