Structual-RivetsStructural rivets are also known as break stem rivets. They are high strength blind rivets that are to be used when a typical blind rivet is not strong enough to handle heavy load amount. KD Fasteners, Inc.® supplies structural rivets in steel, aluminum and in stainless steel.

We supply the following brands of structural rivets:

  • Huck Fasteners
  • BOM™
  • Magno-lok™
  • Magna-tite™
  • Magna-Bulb™
  • Avdel
  • Monobolt™
  • Interlock™
  • Q Rivets™
  • Emhart Pop Rivets
  • Ultra-grip™
  • Self Plugger™

We also supply aerospace rivets along with structural rivets. KD Fasteners, Inc.® can supply the following brands:

  • Unimatic™
  • HuckMAX™
  • Cherry Aerospace™