custom concrete_screwsKD Fasteners, Inc.® supplies a wide range of custom concrete screws for all of your fastener needs. We supply multiple concrete screws and concrete anchors as well. We are a proud distributor of Simpson Strong-Tie™ concrete anchoring systems.

Concrete Screws & Anchors

We supply the following concrete screws and anchors:

  • Concrete screws
  • Blue Banger Hanger
  • Strong-bolt™
  • Titen HD™ anchor
  • Titen HD™ rod hanger
  • Torq-Cut™ Anchor
  • Titen HD™ Mini
  • Titen HD™ Rod Coupler
  • Wedge-All™
  • Titen™ concrete and masonry screws (steel and stainless)
  • Concrete screws (blue finish), we carry them with a slotted and un-slotted indented hex washer head and flat head
  • Tapking concrete screws with a Ruspert finish, we carry them slotted indented hex washer head and Phillips flat head
  • Concrete Anchors
  • Easy-set pin drive expansion anchor
  • Expansion screw anchor
  • Hollow wall anchor
  • Lag screw expansion shield
  • Split Drive anchors
  • Nail on pin drive anchor
  • Plast screw anchor
  • Machine screw anchor
  • Wedge anchors