Sems Screws ManufacturerWhat are SEMS Screws?

Sems screws are machine screws that can have one or more flat or lock washers under the head already assembled. KD Fasteners, Inc.® is a full fastener supplier of many types of sems screws. We offer them in both stainless steel and steel zinc (also available in yellow and black zinc). Our sems line includes both metric and inch screws.

SEMS Screw Head Styles

We offer the following SEMS screws off the shelf:

  • Head style
  • Pan
  • Hex head
  • Hex washer head
  • Washer
  • Internal
  • External
  • Conical
  • Double sems (split lock washer and a flat washer)

SEMS Screw Options

We also offer our SEMs screws in 6 lobe drives besides the standard phillips and slotted drive. Besides the standard sems screws, we can also make your sems screw per your print. We can match your screw and washer per your exact needs. 

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