deckscrews manufacturer

Deck Screws 

KD Fasteners, Inc.® is a deck screws manufacturer. Decking screws, also known as flat bugle head deck screws, typically come with a flat bugle head and can come either with a phillips or square recess drive. Deck screws are mostly used to attach wood. They can come with either a type 17 point or have a sharp point at the end.

Deck Screw Finishes

KD Fasteners, Inc.® supplies deck screws in 300 series stainless steel and steel with a Dacrotized finish. Dacrotized finish is similar to galvanized coating and can be used in treated lumber without discoloring the wood.

We also supply deck screws with W.A.R. coating™ that is designed specifically to be used with ACQ-treated lumber. This coating exceeds over 1000 hour salt spray test.