KD Fasteners, Inc.® is a full service supply company for all your rivet needs. We carry blind rivets, semi-tubular rivets, and solid rivets. Our lines include both domestic and imports. We carry name brand rivets such as Klik-lock rivets ™, Cherry Rivets™, and Avdel rivets™.  Besides the rivets themselves, we also supply the tools to help you install the rivets.  We offer hand rivet tools, plastic rivet tools, and air/hydraulic tools as well. We supply more than just rivets, we also supply rivet nuts in many different styles.

We offer more than just off the shelf rivets. We also manufacture custom rivets. We can offer special make solid or semi-tubular rivets from 1/32 to 3/8 diameter.

stainless steel rivetsHead styles:

  • Blind rivets: Button head, large flange, and 120 degree countersunk.
  • Semi-tubular rivets: Oval, truss, 100 degree countersunk, 90 degree countersunk, 78 degree countersunk, flat head, and brake line head style.
  • Solid rivets: Round head, pan, 100 degree countersunk, 90 degree countersunk, and flat head.