KD Fasteners offers a variety of metric nuts that include nylon lock nuts, flange nuts, keps nuts, and many more. Metric hex nuts are available in various grades of materials and finishes, such as A2 stainless steel, which allows for corrosion and rust resistant. 

The chart below outlines the types of metric nuts that KD Fasteners supplies:

Metric Nuts Din ISO JIS ANSI
Finished Hex Nuts 934 4032 STYLE 1 JIS B 1181 B STYLE 1
Finished Hex Jam Nuts 439B 4035/8675
Nylon Insert Lock Nut 985 7040   B 18.16.3M
All Metal Lock Nuts 980 7719   B 18.16.3M
Keps Nuts        
Flange Nuts 6923 4161 JIS B 1190 B
Lifting Eye Nuts 582