Besides fasteners, we offer many extra services so you can just order and relax. We offer the following:

  • Labels: KD Fasteners, Inc.® labels make it easy to identify your parts when they arrive at your door. They can also have your part number and your description for easy identification. Custom labels can also be designed.
  • Bagging: Available in clear poly bags and boxes. We can also supply labels with barcodes or have the imprint on the bag itself.  Whether you want a kit job with just one fastener or a kit that contains multiple fasteners, we can bag it for you.
  • Plating: We can supply your fasteners with a variety of different platings. This includes different colors of zinc, black oxide, black anodizing, waxing, passivation, nickel, antique brass, brass, chrome, Cadmium, GM Spec, Magni Coating, Chrysler spec, and many more. Just send us your plating specs and we can get it done. Besides plating, we can also color match to supply your fasteners with special painted heads.
  • Cutting and drilling: KD Fasteners, Inc.® can your fastener with special holes drilled in the head or the bolt itself. We can also cut down your fastener if you need a non-standard length and add extra threading on full bodied bolts.
  • Nylon patching and pellet: KD Fasteners, Inc.® can also supply parts with a nylon patch , pellet, or Long Lock patch or pellet.
  • Same day shipping: If you have part that you need to ship today, we can hot rush your order out so your line stays up. Our warehouse is located in a large industrial area for shipping any major truck line. 

KD Fasteners, Inc.® is a very diverse company for your special fastener needs . Please call us if you need any other services besides the ones listed above.