Source specialty fasteners from a leading provider of import, domestic, and custom-manufactured components. At KD Fasteners, you can place your low-head socket cap screw orders quickly and efficiently. Learn more about this important screw design, how it can be used in your industry, and your ordering options when you work with KD Fasteners.

What are Low-Head Socket Cap Screws?

These threaded fasteners are designed for low-clearance applications. A hexagon-shaped key can turn the head for fastening and unfastening. The head has a reduced profile compared to other socket cap screw designs, allowing it to fit into restricted spaces while still providing a firm hold. Low-profile socket cap screws are available in standard and metric sizes in varying lengths.

Applications of Low-Head Socket Screws

Thanks to the unique design and versatile performance of low profile socket screws, they are used in a range of applications. Here are a few examples of industries that commonly use low head socket cap screws:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Construction

Reach out if you have questions about other industries. Our team can assist you with identifying the specifications required for your industry to ensure an efficient ordering process and a reliable hold.

Available Materials 

At KD Fasteners, we can deliver low-head socket cap screw orders by sourcing or manufacturing them with these materials:

We work with a range of specialty materials, so if you'd like to learn more about our available options, please contact us

Custom Manufacturing

If you need irregular screw sizes or materials, then you need to turn to a low-head socket cap screw manufacturer. KD Fasteners can customize your order to fit your industry and facility-specific needs. Here are a few features of your low profile socket screw that we can customize when you work with our team:

  • Length
  • Material
  • Screw cap profile
  • Threading
  • Order size

From 25-piece short runs to bulk orders of over 10,000 pieces, our facility can handle your requirements. You can also order sockets, nylon patches, or pellets for your screws.

Order Your Specialty Screws From KD Fasteners

Start your low-head socket cap screw order today to see how you can source bulk specialty parts for your tailor-made joining process. Request a quote from KD Fasteners to learn more about our rates and capabilities. We’re confident we supply you with the reliable joining solutions that hold your facility and products together!