316 stainless steel has a very high corrosion resistance compared to other materials. Since the material is composed of high nickel and chrome content, it can withstand any exposure to water (like salt water) and other harsh chemicals such as sulfuric, phosphoric and acetic acids. This material is extremely durable and can maintain its composition in high corrosive environments.

Nominal Composition in Percentage:

Stainless Steel Hex Slotted Hex Nuts

            Ni                    12.00 

            Cr                    17.00 

            Mo                    2.50 

            Fe                   Balance 

            Si                     1.00 

            Mn                    2.00 

            C                     0.080 

            P                     0.045 

            S                     0.030

What are Hex Slotted Nuts?

Hex slotted nuts, also known as castle nuts, are used for locking a nut in place, but using 316 stainless steel accommodates chemical, marine, and fluid-related industries that need to resist corrosion for a long span of time.

We carry 316 stainless steel hex slotted nuts in both custom and standard sizes.