304 Stainless Steel Sheet Metal ScrewsWhat is a Sheet Metal Screw?

Sheet metal screws have sharp threads and a sharp point that can be used in plastic, wood and steel. They are ideally used for attaching metal hardware to wood. Sheet metal screws generally come full thread.

Sheet Metal Screw Options

KD Fasteners, Inc.® is a master distributor of various sheet metal screws. We carry type A, AB, B points and carry them in variety of head styles. Additionally, we carry both import and have a small selection of USA made sheet metal screws.

KD Fasteners, Inc.® also supplies sheet metal screws to MS specifications as well.  We start at #2 and carry all the way up to 3/8” diameter. We also can make specific sheet metal screws per your print.

Sheet Metal Screw Materials

We carry our Sheet Metal Screws in a variety of materials and plating, such as:

  • steel
  • various grades of stainless steel
  • aluminum

We can also make Sheet Metal Screws in special materials, such as:

  • brass
  • silicone bronze

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