There are many different standard fasteners in many different industries. KD Fasteners, Inc.® can be your one stop fastener store for these products. The most common are screws, bolts, nuts and washersThese items are usually shipped quickly from our vast inventory we stock in house. Most common items are shipped the same day or within 1 day from order. Our product line is very extensive to handle a variety of different mating solutions for all types of industries. Some of the industries we supply are automotive, chemical, marine, military, trucking, construction, electrical, communication, industrial manufacturing, oil industry, recreation industry, education field, and many more. We can also supply the specialty and name brand products for all your fastener needs.

  • Bolts


    • Anchor Bolts

      Anchor Bolts

      KD Fasteners can anchor your light duty all the way to your heavy duty anchor jobs.

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    • Carriage Bolts

      Carriage Bolts

      We can make any style of carriage bolt per print with the material and plating that you need.

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    • Elevator Bolts

      Elevator Bolts

      Elevator Bolts come with a large diameter flat head and a square neck which keeps the head from puncturing the soft conveyor belts.

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    • Eye Bolts

      Eye Bolts

      Eye bolts are fasteners that have round loop on top and can either have machine screw or lag thread on the shaft of the bolt.

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    • Hanger Bolts

      Hanger Bolts

      Hanger bolts have machine screw thread on end and lag screw thread with a gimlet point on the other side.

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    • Heavy Hex Bolts

      Heavy Hex Bolts

      KD Fasteners carries a variety of heavy hex bolts in different materials and plating options.

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    • Hex Bolts

      Hex Bolts

      Hex bolts, which consists of 6 sides on the head, come in a variety of plating and materials.

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    • Hook Bolts

      Hook Bolts

      KD Fasteners has a large selection of hook bolts in many different styles.

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    • J Bolts

      J Bolts

      J bolts as the name suggests, is a J shaped bolt with machine screw at the shaft and an open hook at the end.

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    • Lag Bolts

      Lag Bolts

      Lag bolts are typically used to fasten heavy timbers such as post and wood beams to either wood or concrete.

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    • Plow Bolts

      Plow Bolts

      Plow bolts are typically used in snow plows and other heavy industrial equipment.

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    • Rod End Bolts

      Rod End Bolts

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    • Stadium Seat Bolts

      Stadium Seat Bolts

      KD Fasteners, Inc.® is a large supplier of stadium seat bolts.

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    • Structural Bolts

      Structural Bolts

      Our structural bolts come off the shelf in plain steel and hot dipped galvanized.

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    • Tap Bolts

      Tap Bolts

      Tap bolts are fully threaded hex cap screws. We carry both imports and a domestic line.

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    • U Bolts

      U Bolts

      U-bolts are bolts that are shaped in the letter U.

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    We offer everything from off the shelf hex cap screws, tap bolts, and lag bolts to special make items.

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  • Nuts


    • Cap Nuts

      Cap Nuts

      Cap nuts are hex nuts with a domed cap on top.

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    • Coupling Nuts

      Coupling Nuts

      Coupling nuts are hex shaped nuts that are usually used to join to external threaded fasteners together.

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    • Flange-Serrated Nuts

      Flange-Serrated Nuts

      Serrated flange nuts are a hex nut with a non-spinning washer attached at the bottom.

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    • Hex Machine Screw Nuts

      Hex Machine Screw Nuts

      Similar to a finished hex nut but they come in smaller sizes.

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    • Hex Nuts

      Hex Nuts

      Finished hex nuts are a 6 sided nut with threads in the middle that are meant to mate with a threaded bolt with similar threads.

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    • Hex Slotted Nuts

      Hex Slotted Nuts

      KD Fasteners can turn any hex nut as a slotted hex nut as a secondary operation.

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    • Metal & Nylon Lock Nuts

      Metal & Nylon Lock Nuts

      Primarily used for when you need a nut to resist loosening when vibration or torque is present.

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    • Non-Serrated Flange Nuts

      Non-Serrated Flange Nuts

      Similar to serrated flange nuts, non-serrated flange nuts are a hex nut with a non-spinning washer attached at the bottom.

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    • Thumb Nuts

      Thumb Nuts

      Thumb nuts are circular shaped nuts with usually knurls on the side in order to easily tighten without tools.

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    • Weld Nuts

      Weld Nuts

      KD Fasteners also supplies the weld nuts to go along with your weld screws.

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    • Heavy Hex Nuts

      Heavy Hex Nuts

      Heavy hex nut coatings include zinc, zinc yellow and hot dipped galvanized.

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    • Wing Nuts

      Wing Nuts

      Wing nuts are a type of nut that has a metal wing on each side that allows the nut to be tightened with your hands.

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    KD Fasteners, Inc.® supplies a wide range of nuts. We offer nuts in inch and metric. Our line also includes domestic and import nuts as well.

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  • Rivets


    • Blind Rivets

      Blind Rivets

      KD Fasteners is a full service fastener supplier of rivets. Our stock also includes a variety of rivet nuts and the tools you need to install the rivets. 

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    • Countersunk Rivets

      Countersunk Rivets

      KD Fasteners offers a full line of countersunk rivets for all of your rivet needs.

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    • Semi-Tubular Rivets

      Semi-Tubular Rivets

      Similar to solid rivets, semi-tubular rivets have a partial hole at the tip of the rivet which allows for less force to be used when installing the rivet.

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    • Solid Rivets

      Solid Rivets

      One of the first fasteners invented, solid rivets have been in use since the Bronze Age. At KD Fasteners, we can supply the solid rivets you are looking for.

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    • Structural Rivets

      Structural Rivets

      KD Fasteners supplies structural rivets in steel, aluminum and in stainless steel.

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    KD Fasteners, Inc.® is a full service supply company of all your rivet needs. We carry blind rivets, semi-tubular rivets, and solid rivets.

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  • Screws


    • Concrete Screws

      Concrete Screws

      KD Fasteners supplies a wide range of concrete fasteners for all of your fastener needs.

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    • Deck Screws

      Deck Screws

      Decking screws typically come with a flat bugle head and can come either with a phillips or square recess drive.

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    • Hex Cap Screws

      Hex Cap Screws

      Hex cap screws which consists of 6 sides on the head, come in a variety of plating and materials.

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    • Machine Screws

      Machine Screws

      From a small diameter to a large diameter threaded bolt that is meant to mate with either a nut or a pre-threaded hole.

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    • Self-Drilling Screws

      Self-Drilling Screws

      Working on the same principle as drill bits and cutting tools, self drilling screws allow you to drill into materials such as wood or steel with pre drilling holes.

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    • Self-Tapping Screws

      Self-Tapping Screws

      A self tapping screw is a screw that can form its own hole while it’s being driven into a material.

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    • Sheet Metal Screws

      Sheet Metal Screws

      Sheet metal screws have sharp threads and a sharp point that can be used in plastic, wood and steel.

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    • Sems Screws

      Sems Screws

      Sems screws are machine screws that can have one or more flat or lock washer under the head already assembled.

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    • Set Screws

      Set Screws

      Set screws typically come headless with just a drive on top.

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    • Shoulder Socket Screws

      Shoulder Socket Screws

      Socket shoulder bolts or also known as stripper bolts have a round head with a socket drive on top with a shoulder that runs almost the entire length with a small threaded blunt point at the end.

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    • Socket Cap Screws

      Socket Cap Screws

      KD Fasteners is your one stop source for socket head cap screws.

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    • Tapping Screws

      Tapping Screws

      A tapping screw is a screw that can form its own hole while it’s being driven into a material.

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    • Thread Cutting Screws

      Thread Cutting Screws

      Thread cutting fasteners have spaced threads on the shaft and a blunt tapered point at the end.

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    • Thread Forming Screws

      Thread Forming Screws

      Thread forming screws are screws that can be either drilled directly in or can use a pilot hole to attach materials such as plastic and metal.

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    • Thumb Screws

      Thumb Screws

      Thumb screws are machine screws that you can use to tighten without tools.

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    • Weld Screws

      Weld Screws

      KD fasteners offers a wide variety of weld screws and studs. We offer them in steel and stainless steel.

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    • Wood Screws

      Wood Screws

      KD Fasteners offers a full assortment of wood screws in many styles. We also have the ability to make wood screws per your print.

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    We are a full fastener supplier of screws. KD Fasteners, Inc.® handles a large variety of screws.

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  • Washers


    • Beveled Washers

      Beveled Washers

      Beveled washers can come square or circular, one side comes on an oblique angle in order to be used with beams or channels that do not run parallel.

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    • Flange Washers

      Flange Washers

      Flange washers are washers with a raised up inside diameter with a flange base.

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    • Flat Washers

      Flat Washers

      From standard flat washers to machine screw washers to toothed lock washers, we can supply the washers you are looking for.

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    • Hardened Washers

      Hardened Washers

      We offer both domestic and import hardened flat washers. We also carry them in standard and metric sizes.

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    • Plastic Washers

      Plastic Washers

      KD Fasteners has an assortment of plastic washers in a wide range of sizes and plastic materials.

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    • Shoulder Washers

      Shoulder Washers

      Shoulder washers slightly distort under stress to partially seal and secure the assembled items.

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    • Lock Washers

      Lock Washers

      We carry split lock washers, internal tooth lock washers, external tooth lock washers, external/internal tooth lock washers and high collar lock washers.

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    • Special Washers

      Special Washers

      When a standard off the shelf will not work for your application, we can supply the washer per your exact dimensions.

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    • Spring Washers

      Spring Washers

      Spring washers are any type of washer that can be slightly compressed to help hold a screw or bolt in place.

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    • Wave Washers

      Wave Washers

      Wave washers can be used as cushion springs or spacers on a shaft.

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    KD Fasteners, Inc.® carries a wide variety of washers. With standard flat washers, machine screw washers, and toothed lock washers, we can supply the washers you are looking for.

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  • Pins


    • Dowel Pins

      Dowel Pins

      Dowel pins are smooth cylinder pins that are made with tight tolerances to insure precision.

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    • Spring Pins/Roll Pins

      Spring Pins/Roll Pins

      Slotted spring pins are headless cylinder shaped tube with a slot that runs down the middle of the pin.

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    KD Fasteners, Inc.® has a wide selection of pins in many different styles. Our pin stock includes inch and metric styles. We also carry pins that are USA made as well as import.

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