Brass MaterialAt KD Fasteners, we offer custom brass fasteners, including brass bolts, screws, and nuts. Brass is a common alloy of copper. It is roughly two-thirds copper, one-third zinc. It is non-magnetic that offers good strength and high electrical conductivity. It does offer good corrosion resistance but does not fare well in salt water. Brass is commonly used in electrical, home building, and some marine applications. We do offer a few different grades of brass.

Brass alloy 270: It contains 65% copper, 35% zinc. It has a tensile strength of 70,000 psi and a yield of 45,000 psi

Brass alloy 360: It contains 61.5% copper, 3% lead, 35.5% zinc. It has a tensile strength of 50,000 psi and a yield of 30,000 psi.

Commercial brass: It contains 55-65% copper, 35-42% zinc, and 0.05-3.5% lead. It has the same tensile and yield of brass alloy 360.