What is a Self-Tapping Screw?

A self tapping screw is a screw that can form its own hole while it’s being driven into a material. KD Fasteners, Inc.® has a wide variety of self-tapping screws to choose from. Our stock includes a variety of materials and plating. We carry standard and metric sizes as well. We can also run specials per print.

Self-Tapping Screws Aluminum Extrusion

Self-Tapping Screw Options:

  • Wood screws
  • Sheet metal screws (type A, AB, and B)
  • Thread rolling screws
  • Plastite-Alternative (registered trademark)
  • Taptite-Alternative (registered trademark)
  • EJOT PT-Alternative threaded screws (registered trademark)
  • Thread cutting screws
  • Type 1, 23, 25, and F
  • U drive screws (Import and to Military specifications)
  • Self drilling screws (variety of styles and materials) 

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