Steel Socket Set ScrewsWhat are Set Screws?

Set screws typically come headless with just a drive on top. We can supply them with the following drives: socket, 6-lobe, slotted, or square drives (also known as Roberson drives). KD Fasteners, Inc.® offer many different points in our set screw line.

Set Screw Points:

KD's Set Screws come with the following points:

  • Cup: Has cup-shaped indention at the end. This is the most popular set screw style.
  • Oval: Has oval shaped point at the end. It is best used for frequent reset on soft or had shafts. Also is good for when the point of the set screw meets on an angle.
  • Flat: Has flat point at the end of the set screw. It is designed for frequent resetting on hard steel.
  • Full dog, half dog: A set screw with a protruding tip made out of alloy. It has a flat point at the end.  Full dog points extend further out than half dog points. It is best used for a permanent setting.
  • Nylon tip: A set screw with a protruding tip made out of nylon. The nylon tip comes with a flat point at the end. The length of the set screw does not include the nylon tip. It is best used to prevent marring on the set screw is being tightened.
  • Brass tip:  Typically comes in alloy steel with a brass tip at the end. The tip is similar to the nylon tip in terms of look but with a brass tip. Unlike the nylon tip set screw, the brass set screw can be used many times.
  • Cone point: Has a pointed conical shape point at the end. It is meant to be used as a permanent setting.
  • Knurled cup point.  Has a similar point as the cup point but has a knurled outside edge around cup point. The knurled point is used to bite into the shaft when being installed.

Set Screw Materials:

We carry a full line of socket set screws.  If you are looking for a special order, KD Fasteners can do short runs of 25 pieces to large runs of 1000s. We also carry a variety of materials, such as:

  • alloy
  • zinc plated
  • stainless
  • brass
  • exotic materials

We carry them both in imports and domestic made off our shelf. 

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