titanium hex bolt manufacturerTitanium as a material has the unique ability to offer a light weight material that is also high strength and is excellent with corrosion resistance. Other benefits to titanium include high melting point, corrosion resistance in chloride environment, and low density (it is roughly half the weight of steel and nickel alloys.). Due to these properties, titanium is used in a varied of industries. It is used in aerospace, defense, oil, marine, food processing, and many other industries.

Titanium Grades Offered

CP titanium grades 1-4: These grades of titanium have the highest grade of corrosion resistance. It is used in a broad range of corrosive environments such as salt water, acids, alkalis, and other industrial chemicals.

Ti 6AI-4V (grade 5) and Ti 6AI-4v ELI (grade 23): These two grades are the most common grades of titanium. While they are not as corrosive resistant as the CP grades, they do offer some corrosive resistance. Both of these grades offer a higher tensile strength compared to the CP grades.

We carry a select style of titanium hex bolts, also known as Hex Cap Screws, on our shelf. We can make titanium bolts in standard and metric sizes. We also can make them as tap bolts (full thread) or standard hex bolts. KD Fasteners, Inc.® can also make your titanium bolts per print.