Metric Screws Supplier

As a metric screws supplier, KD Fasteners, Inc.® offers a wide range of different metric screws sizes and dimensions, that include socket head caps, flange head socket caps, ribbed flange screws, and many more. KD Fasteners standard materials for metric fasteners listed can vary per the item. We carry the following materials:

  • Low carbon steel= 3.6,4.6,4.8,5.6,6.8
  • Hardened steel= 8.8,10.9,12.9
  • Stainless= A2,A4(316)
  • Brass= Ms 63,Ms 58
  • Exotic material can be made to order.
  • Titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel, Nitronc 60, Aluminum, Monel and many others. 

Advantages of Metric Screws

The advantages of using metric screws, rather than standard, can enable more flexibility to world markets due to the product having only one specification for sizing. The metric system is used by the majority of countries to ensure parts are measured correctly and ready to ship. Metric screws are commonly used in aerospace, automobile, construction, electronics, oil, and marine. 

Metric Screws Din ISO JIS ANSI
Socket Head Cap Screws 912 4762   B 18.3.1 M
Flange Head Socket Cap Screws        
Socket Head Cap Screws with Serrated Flange        
Low Head Socket Cap Screws with Pilot 6912      
Low Head Socket Cap Screws 7984      
Button Socket Cap Screws   7380   B 18.3.4 M
Flat Head Socket Cap Screws 7991 10642   B 18.3.5 M
Socket Set Screws Flat Point 913 4026   B 18.3.6 M
Socket Set Screw Cone Point 914 4027   B 18.3.6 M
Hex Head Cap Screws Course Pitch 931/933 4014/4017 JIS B 1180 B 18.2.3 M
Hex Head Cap Screws Fine Pitch 960/961 8765/8676 JIS B 1180  
Serrated Flange Screws        
Ribbed Flange Screws        
Slotted Cheese Head Machine Screws 84 1207    
Phillips Cheese Head Machine Screws   7048    
Slotted Pan Head Machine Screw 85 1580 JIS B 1101 B 18.16.7M
Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw 7985 7045 JIS B 1111 B 18.16.7M
Slotted Flat Head Machine Screw 963 2009 JIS B 1101 B 18.16.7M
Phillips Flat Head Machine Screw 965 7046 JIS B 1111 B 18.16.7M
Slotted Oval Head Machine Screw 964 2010 JIS B 1101 B 18.16.7M
Phillips Oval Head Machine Screw 966 7047 JIS B 1111 B 18.16.7M
Socket Set Dog Point 915 4028   B 18.3.6 M
Socket Set Cup Point 916 4029   B 18.3.6 M
Hex Keys 911 2936   B 18.3.2 M
Hex Keys (Long Arm) 911      


With over 30 years of experience in providing metric screws, we have the expertise to supply the perfect solution for you. Contact us today!