When your equipment comes into contact with highly corrosive or acidic media, Titanium Grade 7 fasteners are up to the task. For custom button socket cap screws manufactured from this material, turn to the experts at KD Fasteners. 

Characteristics & Benefits Of Titanium Grade 7 

Titanium Grade 7 is an unalloyed titanium grade with a standard oxygen content but additional amounts of palladium. Titanium Grade 7 offers excellent corrosion resistance in reducing and oxidizing environments. Other characteristics include:  

  • High Strength 
  • Low Weight  
  • Excellent Weldability 
  • High Strength-To-Weight Ration 
  • Excellent Fabricability 

With the heightened ability to stand up to acids and corrosion, Ttanium Grade 7 is suitable for various applications. 

  • Anode, Cathode, And Cell Components 
  • Chemical Processing Equipment 
  • Air Pollution Control Devices 
  • Pulp And Paper Bleaching Or Washing Equipment 
  • Hydrometallurgical Extraction Components 
  • Desalination Equipment 
  • Brine Concentration Components 

Your Source For Titanium Grade 7 Button Head Socket Cap Screws 

KD Fasteners is a leading provider of fasteners for demanding applications. Whether you need a standard product or a custom solution, we can manufacture screw products to suit your application.  

Our Titanium Grade 7 Button Head Socket Cap Screws are engineered to be lighter, stronger, and better than screws made of other materials. They’re manufactured in imperial and metric sizes with the following head styles:  

  • Pan 
  • Flat 
  • Round 
  • Truss 
  • Oval 
  • Slotted 
  • Phillips 
  • Torx-6 Lobe Alternate 
  • Socket 
  • Combo 

This screw type features a cylindrical head and hexagonal drive hole. The screw head is clean and has no stamping or marking, which results in a smooth, finished look. It’s commonly used to secure the mating parts or panels of an assembly or upper-level tool using an Allen wrench or hex key. 

Industries Served 

When titanium is needed, the process is critical. You can rest assured that KD Fasteners can deliver screws that meet all your requirements. Industries we support include:  

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