Working on the same principle as drill bits and cutting tools, self drilling screws allow you to drill into materials such as wood or steel with pre drilling holes. The flute at the end of the screw allows it to bite into the materials to secure them together. We offer both off the shelf and special made stainless steel self drilling screws.

Steel Zinc Self-Drilling Screws

  • Unslotted Indented hex washer head (available with serrations too)
  • Unslotted indented hex washer head with bonded washer under the head (this creates a leak proof seal)
  • Pan head (with Phillips or square drive)
  • Flat head
  • Flat head with reamer with wings (allows you to attach wood to steel)
  • Modified Truss
  • Bugle        
  • Pan head framing screws
  • Wafer
  • Pancake
  • Square trim head
  • Oval

We offer self drilling screws in many different materials such as steel zinc, 410 stainless, 18-8 stainless. We also offer self drilling screws with the climiseal coating on them. Our sizes start at a #4 and go to 3/8” diameter.