Monel 500 Machine Screws

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From custom nuts and bolts to standard Monel 500 machine screws, KD Fasteners will exceed your expectations with our high-quality solutions.

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Advantages of Monel 500 Machine Screws

Monel 500 is quite similar to Monel 400 in many ways, possessing excellent resistance to corrosion and acids. The difference between these two lies in the high strength of Monel 500. This alloy has excellent strength, dimensional stability, and resistance to extreme conditions. Monel 500 is also resistant to sour-gas environments, allowing this alloy to be used nearly anywhere.

The only downside to choosing Monel 500 is that it may be slightly more prone to corrosion-stress breakage than a material such as Monel 400. Nonetheless, Monel 500 can remain durable in corrosive and harsh conditions far better than other metals.

Monel 500 is commonly used in:

  • Marine engineering
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • Pump shafts and valves
  • Seawater applications
  • Safety lifts
  • Oil well drills

Why Choose KD Fasteners?

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