Monel 400 Machine Screws

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From Monel 400 machine screws to custom nuts and bolts of nearly any material, KD Fasteners has your needs covered. 

300 Stainless Steel Machine Screws

Benefits of Monel 400 Machine Screws

Providing many advantages, such as good strength and resistance to extreme conditions, Monel 400 can be used for a number of applications. The greatest benefit to consider when choosing materials is Monel 400’s excellent corrosion resistance. This nickel-copper alloy is particularly great at weathering harsh environments, from seawater to caustic solutions and salt. Monel 400 can even withstand certain levels of hydrochloric acids and sulfuric acids that many common materials cannot.

Monel 400 is hardened through cold working, rather than a heat treatment like many similar alloys. This metal works best for applications in extremely corrosive environments, such as those experienced in marine engineering. While Monel 500 holds a higher strength, Monel 400 has a higher corrosion-stress breakage resistance.

Applications can include:

  • Aerospace (aircraft components)
  • Marine engineering (valves, shafts, and pumps)
  • Water heaters (heat exchangers)
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • High-temperature environments

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KD Fasteners is a reliable supplier and manufacturer of high-quality, efficient fasteners for a range of industries. We combine our hands-on experience, years of knowledge, and only the best materials to bring customers the perfect solutions.

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