Inconel 725 Machine Screws

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Advantages of Inconel 725 Machine Screws

Inconel 725 is a similar alloy to Inconel 625, possessing nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, which allows for a higher corrosion resistance than most materials. Inconel 725 can be used for a number of harsh applications, exhibiting excellent resistance to chloride, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. This makes the alloy ideal for sour gas environments, seawater applications, and places with extreme weather or chemicals. Age hardening of Inconel 725 is used to achieve a higher strength.

Our Inconel 725 machine screws are highly resistant to pitting, stress corrosion, cracking, and embrittlement. These screws are able to be used safely and effectively in nearly any environment, maintaining strength and durability throughout some of the most extreme uses because of their strength and resistance to corrosion.

Examples of Inconel 725 applications include:

  • Oil and production equipment
  • Sour gas wells
  • Seawater equipment
  • Marine engineering
  • Chemical operations

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