Inconel 718 Machine Screws

KD Fasteners is a proud custom rivet, bolt, and Inconel 718 machine screws supplier. With over 30 years spent learning the how-tos of the industry, our expert team can help your company reach the perfect solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of the competitors.

Whether you need stainless steel components, Inconel screws, or custom-made nuts and bolts, our high-quality products will exceed expectations, remaining reliable and efficient throughout their use.

Benefits of Inconel 718 Machine Screws

Inconel 718 is an alloy commonly used for harsh applications because of its performance under stress and its affordable price. Inconel 718 has a high tensile and creep rupture strength, as well as excellent reliability in extreme temperatures. Properties such as tensile strength may increase based on its treatment. When heated, Inconel forms an oxide layer, furthering its protection from outside stressors.

This specific alloy may be frequently incorporated into industries such as aviation, aerospace, and gas operations due to its corrosion resistance, chloride and sulfide resistance, and ability to withstand high temperatures. Some applications include:

  • High-speed equipment (airframe components such as wheels or spacers)
  • Jet engine components
  • Turbine engines
  • Cryogenic environments
  • Gas production and various operations

Inconel 718 also possesses high versatility and weldability with resistance to post-weld cracking. This material has the ability to be welded without hardening under certain temperatures and maintains specific properties depending on its full treatment.

Why Choose KD Fasteners?

Here at KD Fasteners, our experts are always ready to help find or create the best solutions for your application or business, guaranteeing reliability from start to finish. Using our knowledge and hands-on experience, we can help provide the proper information and materials in order to help you reach the best end result possible.

Every product provided by KD Fasteners, whether it be Inconel 718 machine screws or stainless steel washers, will be effective, long-lasting, and well worth the purchase. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you!