Able to withstand temperatures ranging from cryogenic to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, Inconel 600 is incredibly versatile. When the operating environment gets tough, turn to Inconel 600 flat head socket cap screws from KD Fasteners. Whether you need a standard part or a custom-designed component, we can meet your needs on time and within budget. 

What Is An Inconel 600 Flat Head Socket Cap Screw?

It’s a threaded fastener with a cylindrical head and hexagonal drive hole. Unless otherwise specified, the screw head is clean. The absence of stampings or markings offers a smooth, aesthetically pleasing appearance. The flat socket head enables driving when sufficient space for wrenches or sockets isn’t otherwise available. Upon insertion, the screw head sits flush with the surface of the mating part. Tightening occurs when torque is applied to the screw head.

Characteristics Of Inconel 600

Inconel 600 is an alloy composed primarily of nickel and chromium, which exhibit resilience to high-temperature, carburizing, and chloride-containing environments. It offers considerable protection against corrosion from organic and inorganic compounds, chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking, and alkaline solutions. Also called Alloy 600, the material stands up to steam and mixtures of steam, air, and carbon dioxide. Other characteristics include: 

  • High Strength
  • Resists Corrosion
  • Non-Magnetic
  • Resists Acids
  • Withstands Carburizing Gases, Nitrogen, And Ammonia
  • Resists Oxidation At High Temperatures

The versatility of Inconel 600 has led to its use in various applications involving extremely cold or hot temperatures. Here are some industries that can benefit from its use:

Pioneering Industrial Fastening Solutions 

KD Fasteners supplies flat head socket cap screws fabricated from Inconel 600 in standard and metric sizes. Available head styles include pan, flat, round, truss, oval, slotted, Phillips, Torx-6 lobe alternate, socket, and combo. Off-the-shelf fasteners aren’t best for every application. Our area of expertise is the design and production of custom fastening solutions. We can solve any joining issue, regardless of the operating conditions or performance requirements.

Manufacturing gets underway when the design is finalized. We leverage innovative technology, experienced machinists, and expert engineering to make high-performance fastening products quickly and efficiently. For more information about Inconel 600 flat head socket cap screws, please reach out to us. We’re happy to discuss your needs further.