Made of one of the strongest aluminum alloys, Aluminum 7075 T6 hex nuts are ideal for aircraft and other highly stressed applications.

Two important characteristics of Aluminum 7075 T6 hex nuts are their low density and high strength.

Aluminum 7075 T6 is an aluminum-zinc alloy with 1 to 8 percent zinc. Small amounts of magnesium are also added to Aluminum 7075 as are copper and chromium. To achieve the T6 temper, Aluminum 7075 is solution heat-treated and artificially aged until it meets standard mechanical property requirements.

Aluminum 7075 T6 is comparable to Aluminum 2024 but is best used when higher mechanical properties are desired.

Aluminum 7075 T6 Characteristicsaluminum 7075 t6 hex nuts

  • Good stress corrosion crack resistance
  • High strength
  • MilSpec compliant


  • Aircraft
  • Highly stressed applications

Aluminum 7075 T6 hex nuts are available in ¼ to 3 inches in diameter. Metric and custom sizes are also available. All of our socket cap screws are made in the United States. Our hex nut styles include:

  • Finished hex
  • Machine screw nut
  • Heavy hex nut
  • Nylon insert lock nuts
  • Top lock nuts

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