Aluminum 2024 T4 Machine Screws

KD Fasteners is a well-known, reliable supplier of fasteners such as Aluminum 2024 T4 machine screws and custom bolts and parts. We provide our customers with efficient solutions for any application, utilizing the highest-quality materials and equipment. Our professional staff can assist with any fastening needs your business may have. We offer head styles in: pan, flat, round, truss, and oval. As well as, drive styles in: slotted, phillips, torx-6 lobe alternate, socket, and combo.
aluminum machine screws

Our customers can rest assured that our experts, with over 30 years in the business, will supply only the best solutions.

Benefits of Aluminum 2024 T4 Machine Screws

Aluminum 2024 T4 is a metal with copper as its main alloying component. This means that although it may lack in corrosion resistance, it stands out for its high strength and durability. On top of this, Aluminum 2024 T4 has excellent weldability and formality.

This type of aluminum is one of the most commonly used in any application in which a high strength-to-weight ratio is necessary. Aluminum 2024 T4 possesses a much higher yield strength than many other forms, making it useful in environments under a lot of pressure or stress. It also exhibits high fatigue resistance and tensile strength.

Common applications of Aluminum 2024 T4 include:

  • Transportation vehicles and parts
  • Aircraft and aerospace (fittings, wings, gears, and bolts)
  • Missile parts
  • Pistons
  • Various high-pressure environments

Why Choose KD Fasteners?

Our professionals here at KD Fasteners are able to choose, design, and manufacture any fasteners necessary for your business. Whether it be our custom rivets, titanium studs, or Aluminum 2024 T4 machine screws, each product is sure to be of the best quality and efficiency.

In addition to manufacturing high-quality products with the proper materials for the job, our staff also provides exceptional customer service. Reach out today to learn what we can do for you!