The 300 Series: 302/303/304/A2 Stainless Steel Socket Cap Screws

300 series stainless is also known as 18-8 stainless steel because it typically consists of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. 300 series stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and is generally non-magnetic. It is an excellent material to use for general outdoor purposes. It can withstand standard environmental conditions without corroding. It is a far superior material to use compared to steel products when it is exposed to the elements. The 300 series stainless properties are below.

300 Series Stainless Steel Properties

Stainless Steel
CrNiMax C MaxMn Max PMax S  Mo Max SiQuote
302 17-19% 8-10% 0.15% 2% 0.045% 0.03%   1% RFQ
303 17-19% 8-10% 0.15% 2% 0.02% 0.15% min 0.6% max 1% RFQ
304 18-20% 8-10.5% 0.08% 2% 0.45% 0.03%   1% RFQ

KD Fasteners, Inc.® carries an assortment of socket products off the shelf and with the ability to make them per your specifications. We can produce them in small lots and can also handle large quantities as well. We carry them in inch and metric sizes.

Available Socket Cap Screw Styles

  • Button socket head cap screw
  • Socket cap screw
  • Flat socket cap screw
  • Socket set screw (cup, flat, full dog, half dog, oval, knurled, slotted, and cone point)